The Second Podcast – Malifaux 2E voting (Arcanists, Neverborn, Outcasts) plus a quick mention

The second podcast!  In this one we do some voting of how models

Malifaux 2E Beta Voting – Part 1

I also really want to take a moment and want to let everyone know that Ryan Davis of died on July 3rd, 2013 and it hit me pretty hard when I found out about the news on July 8th.  I started listening to his podcast a long while back and  became a true fan of the entire crew at Giantbomb but mostly because of his chaotic-good hearted nature which was truly evident when listening to him.

I first met him at PAX 2009 in Seattle and saw he was not only pumped to be there, but just excited to meet new and old friends.

I cannot consider myself a friend of his, but he made me feel like I was when he gave props to a stupid t-shirt i made and when he had a 10 minute discussion with me about HIS advice on how to start a podcast.  It took awhile, but I finally got there I think.

Duders, it truly and utterly sucks I have to post this seeing the new GiantBombCast up and knowing I won’t be able to hear his voice repeating the date with such enthusiasm.

The announcement of Ryan’s passing on




The First Podcast

Myself and Josh recorded this episode when the Open Beta was first released to the public.  We fought a couple of matches then came back to report what we found good about the new system Wyrd gave the world and what seemed weird.

This is the first podcast we both created, so even though it’s rough, please still expect these podcasts to come out regularly!  We are going to start with every two weeks for now until we get the process of recording and editing down and time permits.

DesperateMercRadio – The Upgrading